cache_prefixString'Results cached for 'Text displayed with the cache timeout countdown.
cache_iconString'Cached Response from {time}'Text displayed when a user hovers over the lightning bolt icon, which is displayed when a response from the server was a cached response. {time} is replaced with the original query's timestamp.
completed_timeString'Completed in {seconds}'Text displayed when a user hovers over the success icon for a query result. {seconds} will be replaced with 'n seconds' where n is the time a query took to complete.
fqdn_tooltipString'Use {protocol}'Text displayed when a user hovers over the IPv4 or IPv6 button on an FQDN target resolved by DNS. {protocol} is replaced with the relevant IP protocol.
query_locationString'Location'Query Location (router) form label.
query_targetString'Target'Query Target (IP/hostname/community/AS Path) form label.
query_typeString'Query Type'Query Type (BGP Route, Ping, Traceroute, etc.) form label.
query_vrfString'Routing Table'Query VRF form label.
subtitleString'Network Looking Glass'Subtitle text. value.
titleString'hyperglass'Title text.
title_modeString'text_only'Set the title mode.
Must be
, or

Title Mode

The title_mode parameter behaves in the following manner:

text_onlyShows the title and subtitle only.
logo_onlyShows the logo only.
logo_subtitleShows the logo and subtitle only.
allShows the logo, title, subtitle.