Agent Configuration Parameters

Configuration File

hyperglass-agent configuration consists of one YAML configuration files:

  • config.yaml

The configuration file may be located in one of the following directories:

  • /etc/hyperglass-agent
  • ~/hyperglass-agent

Global Settings

debugBooleanfalseEnable application-wide debug mode. This will generate a log of logs!
listen_addressString''Local IPv4/IPv6 Address the hyperglass-agent application listens on to respond to hyperglass queries.
listen_portInteger8080 or 8443Local TCP port the hyperglass-agent application listens on to respond to hyperglass queries.
modeString'frr'FRRouting or BIRD agent mode.
secretStringRandomly generatedPassword used to sign JWT tokens.
The secret must match the password in hyperglass.
valid_durationInteger60Duration in seconds for which any query is valid. Used as the exp claim in the JWT.
not_found_messageString'{target} not found. ({afi})'Message returned if the response is empty. {target} will be replaced with the query_target and {afi} will be replaced with the address-family.


From the top level, the following subsections may be defined and configured:

SectionDescriptionAll Options
sslRedis server & cache timeout settings.➡️
loggingAPI documentation settings.➡️


enableBooleantrueEnable or disable the SSL/HTTPS.
certFilePath<install path>/agent_cert.pemValid path to SSL certificate public key.
keyFilePath<install path>/agent_key.pemValid path to SSL certificate private key.

While you can use your own SSL certificates, hyperglass-agent will generate self-signed certificates for you by default. They will be generated during the setup process, or you can run the hyperglass-agent certificate command.


By default, hyperglass-agent writes all log messages to a log file located at /tmp/hyperglass-agent.log. This behavior and other file logging parameters may be overridden if needed:

directoryFilePath/tmp/Directory at which to write the log file hyperglass-agent.log. Use false to disable file logging.
formatString'text''text' for plain text non-structured logging, 'json' for JSON structured logging. If JSON is enabled, the log file name will be hyperglass-agent.log.json
max_sizeString'50MB'Maximum log file size before old logs are overwritten.