Linux Agent Setup

Time & NTP

Before you get to far, check to make sure your hyperglass server and hyperglass-agent system are both properly synchronized with an NTP server. During the setup process and on every interaction, hyperglass and hyperglass agent exchange JWT tokens with a relatively short window (60 seconds, by default) in which to validate the payload. If the system clock on either system is askew by too much, this exchange can fail.


To automatically create an application directory, generate SSL certificates, generate and symlink a systemd file, and generate a random secret, run:

$ hyperglass-agent setup

If SSL is enabled (which is the default), take note of the secret key — you'll use this in the password for this device in hyperglass.


You can also run the setup wizard with certain options disabled, if needed:

$ hyperglass-agent setup --help
Usage: hyperglass-agent setup [OPTIONS]
Run the setup wizard
--config / --no-config Don't regenerate config file
--certs / --no-certs Don't regenerate certificates
--systemd / --no-systemd Don't generate a systemd file
--force Force regeneration of config file
-h, --help Show this message and exit.
More coming soon

Documentation for hyperglass-agent is in progress!